Mountsandel Home

Human Settlement

Mountsandel operated as a base camp for an extended family group of around ten people and was occupied during the spring, summer and autumn.

There was a hut area at the centre of the site, outside of which were drying and storage racks, a flint - knapping area and probably also a butchering area.

Evidence was found of a succession of single huts, suggesting that they were repaired or rebuilt over several years, perhaps over several generations. The huts were substantial, measuring approximately 6m in diameter, and could have accommodated an extended family group of up to 10 people. They were almost egg-shaped, made by driving hazel rods into the ground, tying them at the top and then weaving smaller branches into the main structure. They were probably covered predominantly in turf and possibly some hide. The entrance was on the south west side and there was a roughly central hearth, with small flint-working area beside the fire and a sleeping area at the back.