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The Archaeology of Ulster: From Colonisation to Plantation, by J.P Mallory and T.E McNeill. Published by Queen’s University, 1991.

Let’s Explore – Life in Early Times. Published by the Environment and Heritage Service Northern Ireland, 2007.

Primary History: Using the Evidence of the Historic Environment, by Mike Corbishley. English Heritage, 1999.

Using Prehistoric Sites: A Teacher’s Guide, by Bill and Maureen Putman and Peter Stone. English Heritage, 2000.

Eye Witness Guide - Archaeology, by Dr Jane McIntosh. Published by Dora Kindersley, 1994.




Educational Services

Causeway Museum Service
T: (028) 7034 7234

Northern Ireland Environment Agency
Ivan Minnis
Education Officer - Built Heritage
T: (028) 7938 7305

Ulster Museum
Education Department
T: (028) 9038 5080

Conservation Volunteers (headquarters)
T: (028) 9064 5169

John and Noreen Hamilton
Education/Living History/Storytelling
T: (028) 7083 5114

Rosemary Rennie
Prehistoric Interpreter
8224 1832

Louise McLean
Willow artist
7082 4810