Mountsandel Home
Some of the resources previously on this site are currently unavailable due to Adobe ending support of their Flash Player plug-in. These resources are currently under review and where appropriate will be redeveloped.


These resources are designed to help your class explore Mesolithic and Neolithic life in Ireland through evidence found at Mountsandel in Coleraine.

Pupils will investigate the prehistoric environment, life at Mountsandel during the Mesolithic, how life changed through new technologies in the Neolithic and how archaeologists find out about the past.

The site is easy to use, interactive and fulfils the requirements of the Key Stages 2 & 3 curriculum. There is a variety of online activities suitable for small groups or individual pupils, as well as suggestions for offline activities in the classroom. The activities provide opportunities for pupils to develop their observation, communication, investigation and creative thinking skills.

We are always looking feedback on this site and would welcome any comments or suggestions you would have as a teacher that would help improve the contents and educational deliverables that already offers.